oh hey, more Massive Chalice!

A few months back, the talented crew at 2Player Productions shot me talking about some of my work on Massive Chalice and how I got into the field.  I talk about my career background, technical knowledge, and following your dreams.  It was just released... it took a while because they were crazy busy wrapping up the Broken Age documentary!  Which you should also check out because it's got great behind-the-scenes info on game development.


Massive Chalice work

I just wrapped up some VFX work for Double Fine's Massive Chalice.  Check out the Early Access trailer!

Along with battle, weather, and impact effects, there was a fun amount of shader work to be had.  The game's unique art style needed a matching look for the levels with water.  The shader below uses a few techniques to accomplish it:

  • combination of sine wave and noise to modulate vertex height
  • normals are quantized and accented with a rim color to complement the faceted art style
  • two-layer scrolling froth at wave peaks, with subtle darkening of valleys
  • shoreline ripples are calculated using a pre-rendered shadow map




 What!! Another game from Coin App... that's 3 in one year.  Go get Geoball for your iPhone!



VR turret

I took a detour from game development to experiment with hardware!  Here's a Nerf gun modified to be used as a game input device.  Using a Teensy microchip and Arduino, the gun can be used as a computer mouse.  And when detached from the base, it's still a fully functioning Nerf gun!  Check out more photos in the gallery!


Steak 'n Bacon

Whaaa?  That's right, Coin App has just released another game on iOS.  This time it's a bite-sized reflex game about eating MEAT!  Go download it by clicking below!

Steak 'n Bacon is FREE!  How does Coin App make money then, you ask?  Simple!  We don't!

(but srsly, ad revenue)