Euro Trippin'

Ah, Europe... Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.  I just got back from one of the motherlands (the other one being Laos), and it was a trip!  Meeting up with my family, we started in Paris, drove around half of Switzerland, and ended in Geneva.

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Throwback Animations!

Ah, fresh out of the Art Institute of Philadelphia.  The year was 1999, and I was graduating from their animation program with dreams of working on The Simpsons.  All I had was a VHS tape of my animations (and a horrible resume).  I finally got around to digitizing them, see below... but only if you’re prepared to see cartoon violence, some head-on-butt action, and other animations that just aren’t right:

And a short film with no real storyline:


Updated gallery

I've just updated the art gallery with a more media-focused layout and new stuff!  The old lightbox-style gallery was neat, but the major issue was not being able to include videos.  Now, new videos have been added, the images are all maximum screen size (no extra mouse clicks), and all text has been moved into mouse hover boxes.  There's only a 5 second window to read the text, but I think you'll be ok.



That's the sound elephants make in my head.  I went to D.C. for Memorial Day weekend and dropped by the Natural History Museum to meet this old friend.  He's been in the museum lobby for as long as I can remember.  With the patience of a cow, he's been posing there for decades to greet the swarms of rowdy kids on school field trips.  You go, elephant-cow hybrid.


Somebody's got a date... with TRENCHED!

Trenched has a release date of June 22, 2011 for Xbox Live Arcade!  Play as one of only four REAL men left in the world as you pilot your mech to take on Farnsworth's Monovision menace!  After joining the Trenched team at Double Fine in June of last year, I've been hard at work making electric explosions and television-spewing farts (seriously).  We're immensely proud of this game, and it was as fun to work on as it is to play.  Trenched!  Guaranteed to drop-kick nazis, save 100 distressed damsels, and put hair on your chest as soon as you buy it.